I’m sure all of you guys here in Malaysia understand a little bit of Tamil. You might have heard or picked it up from your friends, your family members or even from a random Indian guy on the streets. Well here are the 10 most common Tamil words that all Malaysians understand. 

1. Dei – The verbal response to someone who does or says something stupid, idiotic or asinine.

e.g. – Lim turns to walk out the door to my office, but instead runs into the wall. 

My response: “DEI!!”

2. Poda & Pode – Poda means, get lost man and Pode means , get lost girl.

e.g. – I dont want to see you around here anymore. PODA/PODE!

3. Elek – This is a verbal response to say “don’t have”.

e.g. – Hey man, have you seen my iPhone?

My response: “Elek dei”

4. Sapade – Directly translates to eat.

e.g. – Anneeeee, sapade order here!

5. Anne/Anna – It’s the Tamil word for “Bro” or ”Brother”.

e.g. – Annnee, teh tarik satu!

6. Kunji – Directly translates to penis in Tamil.

e.g. – Your kunji very small man.

7. Thani – It means water in Tamil. But here in Malaysia, we use it for drinking alcohol.

e.g. – Eh bro, tonight thani ah?

8. Pundek – Malaysian Indian word for vagina.

e.g. – You f**king pundek ,the woman you are pointing at is my sister !!

9. Thangachi – It’s a polite word for younger sister. But here in Malaysia, we use it to call both of our guy and girl friends.

e.g. – Hey thangachi, apa buat!!

10. Macha – Literally is a term for brother-in-law (wifes brother). Commonly used to address our friends.

e.g. – Friend: Macha, we’re going to the club tonight. Wanna join?

My Reponse: Bangsar? Thani ah? 

Friend: Macha, why you asking kunji question all, just come la.. don’t be a pundek!!


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