Many Malaysian students thinks that taking on a part-time job will distract them from their studies at college. Instead of partying and sleeping through the sem break, Malaysian students should at least experience working in a restaurant during their sem break. Here’s why:- 

1. Work which ever restaurant you like, because you get to eat and drink for free every day till you get sick of it.

2. You will meet all sorts of customers you can never imagine. From funny customers, rude, racist, cute, nice, stupid and weird ones.

3. You will realize that this infamous saying ‘customers are always right’ is actually wrong and redundant. 9 out of 10 times customers are wrong.

4. You will get to work with people that are in different backgrounds from you. People that have no money to study, school dropouts, people that will just work these jobs for the rest of their life and people who don’t speak in English.

It will make you appreciate your life and you’ll realize how lucky you are to be in a college.

5. You will learn that it is impossible to please everyone but it is easy to piss them off.

6. Earn some pocket money of course! Use the money to buy stuffs you want like gadgets. Buying your own stuff with your own money from working hard is one of the best feelings ever! 

7. You will understand that money doesn’t come in very easily. It requires hard work, time and patience.

8. You will learn some useful skills that college can’t teach you such as communication, people skills, P&L and many more precious life lessons.

9. You will realize how lucky you are to be in a college and how important and useful education is these days, because in restaurant you’ll work six days a week with 8 hours shift but you earn only RM 1200 or even lesser. 

10. You will get EPF, never underestimate the benefit of EPF. Plus how cool is it to have an EPF account from a young age with the dividends every year.


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