Remember the days when we can just be carefree, young kids doing things without consequences? 

When we were young, especially during our primary school days, we used to be into weird things. Well here are the 10 things that almost every Malaysian primary school students in the 90s used to do.

1. We used to collect Shakers for some reason. People who has a lot of Shakers at the time were considered rich. #balleronabudget.

2. We used to collect erasers. We tend to battle among each other with the erasers. Winners usually takes away the loser’s eraser.

3. Owning a Digimon considered you are one of the cool guys, until your Digimon ”kena rampas” from the teacher. Usually the teacher will sell your Digimon back during Canteen Day. 

4. Tamiya cars was a trend once. We used to go to malls to find race tracks for Tamiya cars. Battle with other cars out there. But many of us could not afford Tamiya so we used the bootleg brands of Tamiya.

5. Pokeman cards were also a thing during our time in primary school. You can see a bunch of your friends going to comics stores to battle their friends.

Some of us owns gameboy to play Pokemon Yellow, Red and Blue

6. We never really play computer games but we sure did play Yo-yos. Remember bumble bee yoyo? 

7. There is always one dude who will introduce you how to drink nectar from these flowers. Until today I never got it. 

8. We used to play bottle caps after our final exams. We will know who’s father drinks a lot. 

9. And the girls, they play Batu Seremban. 

10. And don’t forget the moments where we used to go to our school field and start catching grasshoppers and tadpoles in the drains.


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