Making the jump from high school to university is a huge deal for many of us. We look forward for great things ahead of us but often finding ourselves reminiscing the old days and how things used to be. Making us appreciate the little things in life we never considered important.

1) High school teachers and friends will be missed immensely

2) Now you realize that your parents are the best people on earth

No more personal chef or chauffeur that caters to your every need. No more running to mommy and daddy when you’re in trouble. You’re now on your own grasshoppa’.

3) You’re always broke for some reason.

This is what happens when you hang out with rich kids. You’ll end up broke trying to look ‘rich’.

4) Hey, remember when you hate sleeping and rather stay up to hang out with your buddies? Sleep is now your best friend.

5) “I wish I was older! I can do anything I want..”. How’s that working out for us?

6) Phones/tablets/laptops become a part our lives. To distract us from the crushing weight of reality. Ever sat on the toilet without your phone and be alone with your thoughts?

Scary, isn’t it?

7) Goodbye Puppy Love.

Guys now know money plays a major role in sustaining a relationship, and the ladies realize that sweet words and empty promises are not going to cut it anymore.

8) Remember when you could buy Ferrero Rocher and a gift card for your high school sweetheart? Well, now you can’t. 

Instagram has set some high standards. Good luck.

9) Girls miss the days they can just tie a ponytail and walk out of the house, carefree.

Now, the blowing, curling, straightening, dyeing, braids, that weird “head pump” thing, and so much more. Ponytails are for the basic.

Girls every morning thinking what to do with their hair

10) The only thing that you never realize is the fact that you still do your homework/assignments last minute… i guess somethings never change


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