The number one question that all of us that plays Mobile Legend has is, how do we win rank games in Mobile Legends. Well, we are here to support you to be better in this game.

With so many things to learn in this game, you guys can focus on a few key aspects to guarantee you a win or at least learning from a thing or two. Here are 10 tips every Mobile Legends players should follow to win ranks games

1. Item Build

The most common mistake in Mobile Legends is a hero’s item build. Most players on Mobile Legends tend to follow the given Item Build suggested by the game itself. Some even copy the top players build.

Firstly, you got to know that every game is different. You will be facing different enemies all the time and the same item build would not be in your favor all the time. Experiment with different builds in different scenarios and get the best build for your hero. As a reminder, do this in classic or if you don’t want to take the risk, play with AI first.

2. Map Awareness 

Most players that I’ve noticed playing in Rank mode are not always aware of their surroundings. Always keep an eye on the map as it will save lifes!! You need to keep an eye on the map as much as possible.

You would be able to see if someone is missing from mid lane and maybe you should not be so aggressive in pushing your lane. Playing safe is key here. Know when to initiate and when not to. Only time will tell.

3. Blue Buff – Only Take It If You Are Using These Few Heroes

Only take blue buff creeps if your hero really needs the buff. Of course any hero can take the buff but you should give priority to your teammates who are dependent on the blue buff creeps.

For example heroes that are dependent on the the blue buff creeps are Fanny, Hayabusa and Karina to name a few. Do not be greedy and help your teammate out if he/she needs help with blue buff creeps.

4. Play Together With Friends (3 Max) or with People you know

Another thing that I notice is that, people who play with friends have a better win rate compared to people who do not. Try to keep your party to a max of 3 because you would be facing an enemy team which has also 3 friend party.

Usually when you play a Rank mode and if your team wins a game, they will usually invite you for the next round. Usually inviting the entire team. And I’ve noticed that, whenever we play the second round with 5 of us in a party, we lose. The reason being is that, we are matching up with another 5 people in the enemy side. Say no to those invite unless there is only 3 of you playing. Kick the other 2 as they might make your next match making difficult.

5. Avoid Using Heroes You Don’t Know How To Use in Rank

I think everyone of us here have the same problem. We usually a player that picks Fanny to train in rank. YOU ALL SHOULD REPORT THAT PERSON!! NEVER EVER PLAY A HERO YOU DO NOT KNOW TO USE IN RANK!!

Train your hero in either classic or with AIs. Once you are comfortable with your hero and you know what items to buy for him/her, then start using them in rank.

6. When in Epic Rank or Higher, always give priority to pick better heroes First

When playing in Draft Mode, always give priority to tanks and marksman first as they are usually the backbone of every team. Give way to a tank first before the enemy picks them. Currently in this meta there are a few essential tanks. For example, Johnson, Minotaur, Gatotkaca, Hylos and Akai are tanks that you should use on a regular basis in Rank Modes.

7. Taking Lord at the right time

Taking Lord in game can give you and your team a huge advantage in game. But remember always take Lord at the right time. For instance, if all the enemy is dead, you and your team can rush to take Lord if the creeps are no where near the enemy’s turrets.

Also, you can actually listen when the lord is being attacked by the enemy. Make sure you and your team rush to the Lord’s position to gank the enemy. If you fail to do so, make sure you clear all the lanes as the super minion creeps alone can wipe out your turrets.

 8. Always Destroy Towers/Turret First!!

Every Mobile Legends players should know this. Pushing and taking turrets are every important in the game. You should go for turret first before taking a kill first!! Getting the last turret is always important. It could decide whether you have the game in the bag. Always pressure your team to get turret first if possible especially the last turrets.

9. Never Surrender A Game – Comeback is REAL

Comebacks in mobile legends are 100% real. One mistake made by the enemy and that could grant you victory!! These are the best win you could ever have. Don’t give up easily as there is always an opening for you to win.

10. Gank with your teammates and be nice

At the end of the day, Mobile Legends is a team game. You can’t solo the game. Remember to gank enemies if the circumstances are in your favor. Always communicate with your team in game and be nice!! Treat people how you would want to be treated in game.


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