11 Things only Malaysian Girls Who Went to All Girls School Will Understand

1. Female Crushes

Most of the junior girls will have some sort of a crush on the senior girls in school.  They go by the term ‘Admire’  (instead of crush) and send ‘love letters’ and gifts to express their ‘admiration’ towards their senior.

And when some juniors get over obsessed, they start stalking, emulating, and get really fanatical over their senior.

2. Fashion Statements

Unbuckled and a ¾ zipped pinafore was considered the coolest and the boldest thing to do in school

A double pierced ear lid makes one a ‘Rockstar’. Getting away with the prefects and teachers during the assembly makes the very same one a ‘Superstar’

The length of your skirt says a lot about you.

3. Menstruational ‘Crisis’

Screaming “does anyone have a pad?” was not weird at all

Faking your period to avoid PE lessons was a usual thing

4. Screaming in Class was a Norm

You would somehow get used to high pitched voices

Plus, there would always be at least one person in any classroom PMSing at any one point of time in school – so yes, screaming is a norm –

5. Hairstyles

Girls with really short hair are often marked as ‘Lesbians’ and these girls often attract the ‘girly’ girls (especially the ones who can’t seem to hold on to their boyfriends)

6. Can You Keep A Secret?

girls cannot keep a secret

Nope. Never worked, never will!

7. Social Events

Canteen Day, International Understanding (IU) Day and many other co-curricular activities- cum social events would be the most exciting day, because that’s when guys from every other school in your district would come to visit.

You and your girls go out together to get your hair, make-up and eyebrows done, wear your school shirt in the sexiest way, practice your smiles, lines – You’re just ready to take over the world

8. Dating a ‘School Rowdy’ was a deal breaker

You loved the bad boys. Finding out your boy was involved in some fight in his school was something you would be proud of – even if he got his ass kicked – you and your friends would somehow find him ‘hot’.

9. Girls with Hot Brothers

Celebutants – Girls who achieves fame through their hot brothers. She is often showered with gifts and is well treated, just to be in her good books and an ‘endorsement’.

10. Girls with Big Sisters

You wouldn’t bother getting into a fight with the girls who had sisters in the years above – they are usually taller with even more back-ups

11. The only Men in School

You fancied the male teachers, even if they looked like Saruman or Peter Pettigrew, because there wasn’t any testosterone close by.


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