The idea of studying abroad can be really exciting at first until you get there. You need to get used to the idea of living on your own which means doing your own laundries and feeding yourself. Well, these are things many Malaysians who study abroad will understand 

1. All you can think about when you have moved to the new country is to explore more about the new place

2. Exchange rate. Exchange rate. Exchange rate. Is all you think about when you buy something

3. If you went to a country where English is not the main language…You feel like you are an alien #languagebarrier

 Now lets talk about the food…

4. Eating NON-MALAYSIAN food is exciting for the first few weeks ONLY. You start craving for Malaysian food after that 

5. You will start craving for all sort of Malaysian food..From Maggie Goreng Mamak to Roti Canai

6. Then suddenly Malaysian food is no longer the problem. Your mum’s food is all you think about

7. But when you come across a place that sells Malaysian food… You will be like OMG!!!! It won’t taste as good as you find in Malaysia but it still does the job

You should know by now that being a typical Malaysian in another country simply doesn’t work

8. Watching your close friends back in Malaysia having fun kills you inside cause you are not part of it

9. And when you meet another Malaysian..You will be like OMG BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

10. The fact that your new friends are not the same as your Malaysian friends disappoints you..But you will get use to it 

11. And the hardest part of studying abroad is when you can’t fly back to Malaysia during festive season to meet your friends and family..This is either because the god damn flight tickets are too expensive or you have no holiday break 

In conclusion…

12. This is when you realize that Malaysia is actually not that bad for a country after all 


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