Growing up, not all of us actually grew up. A lot of us stayed at a certain height and constantly get called out for it. Not all of it are bad though, some things work in our favor. 

1) People never fail to mention the obvious.

Your observation skills are on point. Astounding!

2) Puns. OMG, the puns.

Some of it are legit funny, but some are just mean. Good thing short people generally have a great sense of humor.

3) Always gets mistaken for the youngest sibling

This is actually a compliment, if you think about it. Awet muda ya’ll..

4) They are the perfect armrest for tall people

A risky move I would say, because short people have a perfect reach to punch your “boys”.

5) New pants don’t usually fit

Every time we buy a pair of jeans or pants in general, it has to be altered at the bottom.

6) Going to the theater can be cumbersome.

What’s with all this tall people sitting up straight in movie theater? Who you’re trying to impress? Slouch a little man, i can’t watch.

7) No bed is too small for them.

Our feet will always stay on the mattress. Your move, monster under the bed.

8) They’re always the cute one in the group.

Pat on the head is not okay though. We’re not puppies.

9) They place us in the front when there is a group photo

10) Small spaces? Easy Peasy.

Air Asia seats too crammed for you? LOL, I’ve got wiggle room ,bro.

11) Short girls can still wear heels and still make her boyfriend feel tall.

Men are all about comparing size. Short girls can boost a man’s confidence.

12) BUT! Studies say short people live longer lives, so at least we’ve got that going for us.

You laugh now, we’ll always have the last laugh.


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