In Malaysia, you can see us speak in multiple languages in one sentence. We have many dialects and slang spoken and yet we still understand each other. Here are some famous slang Malaysian Chinese always use in their daily conversations.

1. Cincai

Definition: Whatever

Example: You just cincai wear for tomorrow’s event.

2. Walao

Definition: OMG or WTF

Example: Wa lao-eh, triple kill loh! (in D.O.T.A.)

3. Bojio

Definition: The act of not inviting your friend to go out together.

Example: ‘You went to Starbucks today? Bojio!

4. Sohai

Definition: It means “crazy” and pussy/c**t

Example: Hey sohai! Long time no see!

5. FFK / ‘fong fei kei’

Definition: Those who betrayed or broke a promise / deal made with another party

Example: That girl ffk me, she promised to meet up here but she never showed up.

6. Ham Sup

Definition: Horny person

Example: Bro, why you so ham sup?

7. Diu

Definition: F*ck

Example: Diu nya sing, this fella really annoying.

8. Leng Lui

Definition: Beautiful girl

Example: There’s a leng lui across the bar go talk to her.

9. Leng Chai

Definition: Handsome boy

Example: Leng chai, come over here! Don’t you want a good time? No? Fine, be that way. Lanjiao.”

10. Lanjiao

Definition: Penis / Dick /Cock

Example: “You don’t talk lanjiao there ah, I call my gang beat you up ah!”

11. Sienz 

Definition: To describe something bored. Same goes to ‘zzzzz’

Example: Friend: are u?
You: Sienz. Nothing fantastic here.

12. Sik See

Definition: Eat shit

Example: Sik si la you!

13. Kao Dim

Definition: Settle

Example: Bro, that one also you cannot kao dim ah?

14. Kiam Siap

Definition: Stingy (Widely used in Penang because many Penangites deserve that label)

15. Tokok

Definition: A combination of the words “talk” and “cock”. Talking nonsense.

Example: “Eh, why you everyday tokok ah??”

16. Cibai 

Definition: Female sexual organ. It also means a girl, a bastard, a di*khead, a sh*thole and a motherf****r, etc..

Example: That man stole my handphone, cibai!! That cibai also kicked me in the groin.


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