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The Malay language is spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. It is a language where it is easy to pick up. The words are pretty much straight forward to pronounce.

Unlike English, where the word honest is spelled with a H but you don’t pronounce the H. What the hell right?

Well anyways, these are the popular slang Malaysian Malays used on a daily basis.

1. Atas 

Definition: Malay slang for ‘upper-class’.

2. Ayat

Definition: Pick up lines.

3. Omputeh 

Definition: Orang Puteh / Caucasian.

4. Balak

Definition: Boyfriend.

5. Bajet

Definition: To be self-proclaimed in something, for example “bajet alim” is “to proclaim yourself religious.”

6. Bapak Kau

Definition: From the Malay ‘your father.’ An insult, as it’s short for ‘kepala bapak kau’ (your father’s head).


Definition: ‘Budak Baru Nak Up.’ Urban teenagers or post-college kids who have a lot of time to hang out and post Instagram pictures of what they’re eating, wearing or crushing on.

8. Ciput

Definition: The amount that can be collected in a pinch. “I worked like a balachi for the recording, but the pay was so ciput”.

9. Cun

Definition: The Malay slang for NICE! Or Well done!

10. Dowh

Definition: Believed to be from ‘bodoh’ (Malay for stupid). “I told you not to do it. But you did it anyway, dowh.”

11. Gempak

Definition: Hyperbolic way to say impressive or impactful. “Gempak sial”.

12. Jakun

Definition: Used in a derogatory sense to mean an unsophisticated hillbilly.  “Don’t stand there like a jakun”.

13. Jambu

Definition: A young & sexually attractive person (usually male). “Budak tu muka jambu la”.

14. Kencing

Definition: To get fooled/conned. “Aku kena kencing dowh dengan mamat ni”.

15. Kerek

Definition: Arrogant. Someone who is kerek will be more likely to eksyen.

16. Mangkuk Hayun

Definition: Stupid in a funnier way.

17. Membe

Definition: A friend. “Ni membe aku bro”.

18. Menganjing

Definition: To taunt or verbally bully. “MU fans always like to menganjing Liverpool fans’.

19. Muka Seposen

Definition: To look pitiful; sometimes a useful tool for the passive aggressive type. Literally Malay ‘10-sen face’, as if that person were a beggar who would be content with such a small amount.

20. Otai

Definition: Short for ‘old-timer’. Someone who’s known for being very experienced at something, without necessarily being that old.

21. Pailang

Definition: Gangster

22. Pancung

Definition: Share. “Bro, pancung rokok boleh?”

23. Payung

Definition: To cover someone’s financial expenses.  From the Malay ‘umbrella’: shelter from the rain and that sort of thing. “Your wallet got stolen? That’s OK macha. I will payung your lunch.”

24. Perghh

Definition: Expression of amazement, can also be used sarcastically. “Pergh! The chicken beriyani here is so good!”

25. Poyo

Definition: Loser; douchebag. “Poyo sial budak tu”.

26. Projek

Definition: Malay slang for forbidden sex. “Bro hari ni aku balik awal sikit. Ade “projek” malam nanti”.

27. Sailang

Definition: The act of stealing someone’s lover. “I can’t believe I got sailang by that pak guard! She never told me she was into guys in uniform.

28. Sempoi

Definition: Down-to-earth, but usually in a good way, not quite sakai.

29. Skodeng

Definition: Peeping tom. Someone who spies on, and maybe takes secret recordings of, courting couples while they projek in parks and stair-cases.

30. Songlap

Definition: Ambil semua

31. Buat Taik

Definition: Is to screw up at a job or create some other kind of problem. “If you buat taik here again, I report police”.

32. Terer 

Definition: Very good.

33. Ushar

Definition: Check-out or spy. “Jom pi ushar apa dia buat”.


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