Every Malaysian has heard of this famous Raja Bomoh (Bomoh King of the World) when the Malaysian Airline MH370 went missing.

Raja Bomoh, Ibrahim Mat Zin – his real name, has then became a viral sensation after his shenanigans in the KLIA airport. Recently, Raja Bomoh has expressed his intention to contest in the 14th general election. 

The 67 year old said he may run in both the Perak parliamentary seat of Teluk Instan and the Manjoi state seat. He is expected to make an announcement for running in this GE14 later today in Ipoh. Here are 6 reasons why Raja Bomoh should be our next prime minister in 2018.

1. According to Raja Bomoh himself, he has been protecting Malaysian for over 70 years 

Raja Bomoh, in all seriousness, has claims that he has been protecting Malaysia from harm for 70 over years even before the country’s independence. If you say that he has no experience in governing the country, look at Barisan Nasional over the pass 60 years.

2. We don’t have to worry about haze anymore

Every year, we Malaysians will experience haze problems caused by our brothers from the other side (Indonesia) – they claim that their forest was burned due to natural causes.

Our Raja Bomoh has also stepped forward last year to save Malaysia from suffocating. He performed prayers and rituals to get rid of the haze that has been enveloping our country.

“Hopefully, with the use of this slab of ice placed on this pot, the prayer may  save the people in Malaysia to receive light and clean air.

“Together, we pray that this traditional method, that has been used by our ancestors for centuries, guided by the use of ice and pot, can melt away the haze, by the will of God,” he said during his ritual in the video.

3. He can locate missing planes 

He became famous after the whole tragic incident of MH370 flight that went missing in March 2014. According to Raja Bomoh, he actually know the whereabouts of the plane.

He says the plane is in a parallel realm. It will be missing for 25 years before it returns, but the people may still be alive because the air is different, a month is like a day for them. I’m not making this up, that’s what he said. His exact words.

Raja Bomoh with his magic flying carpet

He told to the press that this was the first time he was revealing this to anyone.

4. He can predict the future. Who can say no to this?

Raja Bomoh was best known for his world renown ritual that includes bamboo binoculars, coconuts and a fish trap.

On Aprill 22 2013, Raja Bomoh predicted Pakatan will win the election. He said that the Opposition will win 65% of the votes in Malaysia. True enough, in 2013 GE13, the Opposition did win a majority over Barisan Nasional but lost the parliamentary seats (89 seats out of 222 seats). You can check this video out if you have doubts:-

5. He is the only one that can protect us from North Korea’s missile attacks

Raja Bomoh did Malaysians a favor in 2017, when North Korea detained 11 Malaysians from leaving North Korea during the Kim Jong-nam assassination that took place earlier last year.

He also performed a ritual on a beach wearing a business suit, reciting prayers throughout the ritual to protect Malaysian from any threat or attack from other countries especially North Korea.

According to him, Malaysia do not have modern weapons like North Korea. If Malaysia goes to war with weapons, we would lose. By performing ancient methods to fence air, the earth and the water, the missiles would go missing and not reach Malaysia.

6. Raja Bomoh can catch a ”pontianak” through a handphone

Raja Bomoh is also known for his ghost busting skills. He once caught a pontianak from Indonesia through a handphone. You can see his ghost busting skills here on youtube:-


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