Always losing an argument when it comes to general knowledge? Can’t contribute to an intellectual conversation? These 5 Youtube channels can help you with that. 

Topics ranging from science to history, these channels will arm you with potent knowledge that could aid you for most future discussion. 

1. Vsauce

Hosted by Michael Stevens, a well known individual in the Youtube community, he discusses about the most randomest topics that we mere mortals wouldn’t even think about.

2. SciShow

Often discussing the latest innovation in science and technology, this channel is aimed at letting people know what could be the next revolutionary breakthrough that could potentially make our lives easier. 


3. PictureFit

If you have a doubt about your new vegan diet or a new workout routine, PictureFit would probably have the answers. With their colorful and simple animations, it makes learning about physical fitness fun and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable. 

4. CrashCourse

This channel covers mostly college courses such as history, literature, economics, psychology and many more. With picture perfect narration with humor interjected here and there, learning wouldn’t seem like a task.

5. Veritasium

Host, Derek Muller, is in a constant search for the truth behind science and explains phenomenons that’s easier for anyone to comprehend. From testing theories to visiting the hazardous Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Derek gives you a bird’s eye view of his personal experiences and thoughts. 

So, the next time you’re at a round table and a friend mentions an incorrect fact, it’s your time to shine. 

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