There are plenty of music festivals happening around the world in 2018. One of the main attraction is the all time popular Tomorrowland music festival which will be happening in Belgium this year. 

If you are a Malaysian, you know the struggle of enjoying rave events in Malaysia. We can’t go all out as the authorities are always there to mess things up. Well, these are some of the massive music festivals around the world every Malaysian can attend in 2018.

1. Ultra Music Festival – Miami (23/03/2018 to 25/03/2018)

Ultra is one of the leading music festival brands in the world. The main event takes place in Miami, Florida but there are also other events using the Ultra brand in Asia, South America and Europe.

Many Malaysians usually attend Ultra Singapore which takes place every year as well. For a different feel, you can head to Korea for this event in the second week of June.

Ticket Pricing: From RM975

Visitors Expected: 165,000

Line-ups: 138 acts confirmed

2. Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas (18/05/2018 to 21/05/2018)

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is an international annual electronic dance music festival held during the summertime which takes places in the United States. It is actually the biggest music festival to current date of time.

Ticket Pricing: From RM1,200

Visitors Expected: 400,000

Line ups: 222 acts confirmed

3. Ultra Music Festival – South Korea (08/06/2018 to 10/06/2018)

Ticket Pricing: From RM550

Visitors Expected: 120,000

Line-ups: Number of acts not confirmed

4. Ultra Music Festival – Croatia (05/07/2018 to 09/07/2018)

Ticket Pricing: From RM550

Visitors Expected: 190,000

Line-ups: 18 acts confirmed

5. Electrobeach Music Festival – France (12/07/2018 to 14/07/2018)

Electrobeach Festival is one of Frances primary music festival that happens on a annual basis for 3 days showcasing the worlds greatest acts within the electronic world.
It takes place at a park in Port-Barcarès, France.

Ticket Pricing: 
Not out yet

Visitors Expected: 176,000

Line-ups: Number of acts to be confirmed

6. Tomorrowland – Belgium (20/07/2018 to 22/07/2018)

Tomorrowland is by far the most successful Electronic Festival worldwide. You would always hear a friend of yours talking about this event or from an EDM music video that is taken from a previous Tomorrowland event.

You would be amazed on the amount of decorations used in this event. Some say it looks like Disneyland for adults. There are different areas which covers all kinds of electronic music we know today.

Each of these areas are designed uniquely. So if you are into Trance, the area would be decorated differently compared to the EDM areas. Although the pricing of this event is really high, you should check it out once in your life time.

Ticket Pricing: RM1,500

Visitors Expected: 180,000

Line-ups: 105 acts confirmed

7. Burning Man – Nevada (26/08/2018 to 03/09/2018)

This whole event takes places in the middle of a desert in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, United States. This music festival the most weirdest but also the coolest festival you will ever see.

People who attend this event are extremely open minded where everyone does drugs and have sexual intercourse with random attendees of this event.

There are no hotels available at these areas so you must bring a place to sleep (literally), water, food and whatever you need to survive for the week.

Ticket Pricing: RM1,900

Visitors Expected: 79,000

Line-ups: Number of acts to be confirmed

8. Ultra Music Festival – Japan (15/09/2018 to 17/09/2018)

Ticket Pricing: RM550

Visitors Expected: 120,000

Line-ups: Number of acts to be confirmed

9. Amsterdam Dance Event  – Netherlands

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the most important global conference for dance and electronic music, and the biggest international club festival in the world which takes place for 5 days.

It is held in various locations in Amsterdam. The shows in the passed have attracted over 350,000 people from all over the world.

Ticket Pricing: To be confirmed

Visitors Expected: 120,000

Line-ups: Number of acts to be confirmed


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