You might think that in the coming general election (GE14), the opposition looks like they have a strong chance to win this election over Barisan National. With many supporters voicing out their concern in social media, you would think that the opposition would win this election smoothly. 

But many Malaysians are not taking many other facts in consideration that why Barisan National will still win big in this coming election. Here are some reasons why Barisan National will win big this GE14… the sad truth.

1. The opposition are still weak in East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah)

Sabah and Sarawak has always been Barisan National’s stronghold. In the last election (GE13) BN won 56 parliamentary seats whereas the opposition only won 9 seats.

2. Malaysia’s economy is doing fine with Barisan National in power.. In fact, our economy is actually growing steadily under BN

You might be surprised to hear that Malaysia’s economic performance under Barisan National is actually doing a pretty decent.  According to The World Bank report, Malaysia’s economy is growing steadily by 5.8% from 2014 to 2017. You can read the report here by The World Bank.

3. Pakatan and PAS are no longer in the same team, which will separate the Malay voters even more

In the previous general election (GE13), the opposition is made up of DAP, PAS, PKR and SNAP and they have won a total of 89 out of 222 parliamentary seats. Out of those 89 seats, PAS won 21 of those seats.

This year’s general election (GE14), PAS is no longer with the opposition and this would split the Malay voters even more. Pakatan Harapan will lose a certain number of votes for PAS not being their ally. This will be an advantage of BN to win a high majority.

4. The recent redelineation proposal by the Election Committee has given advantage to Barisan National

The recent redelineation proposal by the Election Committee (EC) that has been passed in the Parliament is expected to be in favor of Barisan National.

Barisan National are having a tough time to win back Selangor since the last election. Most of the seats that are redrawn, a huge number of them will be in Selangor. So how can BN use this to their advantage?

Well, the newly redrawn line will affect many DAP strongholds in Selangor. This will give an advantage to pro-BN districts which will be won by a small majority.

5. Many huge Malaysian GLCs (Government Linked Companies) are backing Barisan National for this election. 

6. The recent budget 2018 is in favor of many Malaysians

Many Malaysians are actually in favor of the budget 2018. According to a survey, only 25% of Malaysians were not satisfied with the recent budget. This move did bumped up the satisfaction of Najib’s performance by 12%. You can read more on this here.

7. Many rural area citizens are in favor of Barisan National since the beginning of their regime

Many rural area citizens in Malaysia are still in favor of Barisan National. Some of these people have said that BN has always been giving them aid to fund their own plantation business, helping children of Felda settlers in their studies by enrolling them in local universities, and also giving financial aid for those who are in need.

Some also have said that, the opposition will only start giving attention them when the election is coming. Most of the opposition party members do not focus enough on the villager’s issues.

Almost of all these rural area citizens are grateful for Barisan National’s help and in return they would vote for them this coming election.

8. 1MDB scandal is the least concerns of many Malaysians especially the people who living in rural areas

For many of these rural area folks, big scandals like 1MDB do not concern them. They are more concern on what is going to happen to them on a daily basis. These scandals do not impact them directly and so, they do not think it is such a big deal.

As long a Barisan National keep their promises such as giving out cheaper houses, jobs, infrastructure and BR1M they will continue to vote for them.

9. Civil servant’s salary increment and added benefits could suave them into voting for Barisan National

If you are working for the government, it is more likely for you to vote for Barisan National to remain in power. Najib has promised 1.6 million government employees to get another increment of salary on the 1st of July.  The total cost of the increment would cost the government RM1.4 billion.


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