Kelantan has recently made highlights again where primary school children as young as 9 year old have become the latest target of drug dealers in the state. 

According to Kelantan National Anti Drug Agency (AADK) director Rohayu Ahmad, the trend began in 2015 where there has been an increase in the number of young children being addicted to drugs.

“Previously, only secondary school students were enticed but over the last three years, we have even seen nine-year-olds starting to take drugs” she said.

She said to The Star, that primary school children have the desire to try new things and are unaware of the effects of taking drugs and the addiction that comes along with it.

Kelantan is the second highest number of drug addicts, at 8115, after Kedah.

Rohayu Ahmad said that there are a total of 111 female who are addicted to drugs because they were influenced by their husbands, boyfriends or a family member who are also drug addicts.

Drugs are easily available in Kelantan as it is located near to the Thai border. It is an entry point for drugs in Malaysia.


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