Here we go again, another iPhone bug that is going to be a delight for the trolls out there.

Remember in 2015, there was a text bug with random letters, that if sent to your iPhone will freeze your device. The only way to get it working was to restart your phone. This could be worse.

2015 Text Bug

Yeah, now there’s a new one.

This bug was discovered by a programmer, Abraham Nasri and was revealed on his twitter.

This is not a game. It can potentially damage your friends’ iPhone if sent to them.

Once sent, this bug will freeze any iPhone running iOS 11 – 11.2.2 for at least 3 minutes, rendering it useless.

There goes your RM5000++ iPhone X

After the phone restarts, the message app crashes constantly because it still contains the line of the “text bug”. Also, the recipient’s entire message history might get deleted.

The device heats up as the phone’s processor is trying it’s best to get thing running smoothly but fails.

Even the sender’s phone could freeze up to 15 seconds.

But there’s a way to fix this if you’re affected.

1. Once you’ve restarted your iPhone, first thing you do, turn on Siri.

2. Tell Siri to send a message to anyone in your contact list.

3. After the message is successfully sent, enter the message app and delete the “text bug”.

4. Finally, restart your phone.

5. Then find the asshole that sent it to you.*optional*

Disclaimer: TofuKicks is not responsible for any ass whooping that follows your dumb actions.


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