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Here at Tofukicks, we are focused mainly on viral contents. May it be a video or an article, we are on the case. Giving unbiased opinions on matters such as politics or even viral trends that are sweeping the nation by storm.

We comment on a number of other topics as well and bring awareness to our audience on the current issues that affects our society.


Get the latest news from the companies you actually care about but we have to be fair to the new players in the market as well, so we’ll cover that too.


Animals and human antics will be covered to the fullest extent. Believe that.


Diets, dance moves, health tips, cheese-stuffed-everything and anything that’s worth living/dying for.


Hollywood, Bollywood, Malaywood, and Chinesewood, shall be touched upon from time to time.

Humor is the core of Tofukicks but only for appropriate matters.

This site is founded by Malaysians, for Malaysians.