When we were younger, unlike the Malaysian kids of today, we actually went out and did stuff. During our little escapades, we stumble upon a handful insects and animals wandering. Sometimes we let them go about their business, but sometimes, we loved messing with them. We were kids, we didn’t know better.

1. Grasshopper

One of the hardest insects to be caught, which what made it challenging and fun. Only the worthy caught it.

2. Spiders

This eight-legged creatures are often caught around the house and brought to school in little containers. The kid with then biggest one, wins. Boys will always be boys.

3. Tadpoles

These little swimmers often can be found in small puddles of water around the school padang and there’s always one kid poking it with sticks to see them swim faster. 

4. Butterfly

Majestic and aerial, catching this insect takes immense patience. Waiting for it to settle down on the grass and strike from behind with both hands cupping carefully, not to accidentally crush it.

5. Lizards

Kampung boys know what’s up. Often found near bushes and trees, these agile little fellas are caught for sports purposes and immediately let go without harming them. 

6. Fighting fish

Sold at RM 2.00 at the nearby aquarium shop, we’ve all had one or more. It was the closest thing to owning a Pokemon. Putting them in a big transparent container to see them battle each other.

7. Millipede (Lipan)


This red or black crawlers are often found near classroom or the ‘tapak perhimpunan’. Poke it with a stick and watch it curl up into a disc. We were careful not to step on the black ones, avoiding the putrid smell of their innards.

8. Firefly

Fireflies are a miracle with lights glowing from their bottom, so of course we were attracted to them. Catching and putting a few in a jar to admire, then we let them go after we get of tired of them.


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