An entertainment center used as a place to continue partying from early morning till afternoon has been raided by the authorities in an operation called Operasi Bersepadu Pusat Hiburan by DBKL along with other enforcement agencies, on Saturday the 29th.

DBKL Enforcement Department Director, Azman Mahmood said, his party have raided 7 entertainment centers around Kuala Lumpur in an operation alongside the Malaysian Immigration Department(JIM), National Anti-Drug Agency(AADK), Royal Malaysian Customs Department(JKDM), and Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur(JAWI).

“Result of the raid conducted, we’ve discovered an entertainment center in Jalan Peel, which has had its license expired since July 2018 and has been operating outside of the operational hours. Also, it is understood that the premise begins operating from evening 7pm till 12pm in the afternoon, everyday.”

“Operation hours of the premise made it into a ‘port’ for those who wants to continue having fun till afternoon, even when the entertainment center should have been closed at 3am in the morning”.

Azman added, his search party have seized belongings and shut down the premise because of operating without a license according to Section 4 (1) (a), Section 4 (1) (b) dan Section 17 Akta Hiburan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 1992.

“Besides that, we have issued three notice to three other premises, which are also open outside of the operational hours”.

“Customs officers have seized a variety of alcoholic drinks at seven premise that was raided, after being caught selling alcoholic drinks after hours of sale.”

He also said, during that operation, the National Anti-Drug Agency(AADK) conducted an early filtration urine test on 42 patrons in two entertainment centers, one in Jalan Imbi and another in Jalan Peel, two were found positive for drug abuse.

At the same time, JAWI authorities have issued Notice to Attend Counselling (Section 43 Act 559) towards 30 Muslim patrons in two premises at Jalan Imbi.

“Joint operations like this will be performed consistently to ensure no entertainment centers in Kuala Lumpur disobey the terms set by authorities and if they’re stubborn, law enforcement actions will be taken.”


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