1. You come in different size and shape. And we still love you

2. We always wonder whether are you Malaysian food or Indian. But either way, you always remain in our heart when we are hungry

3. You are cheap..You are delicious..You are satisfying..One of you is just not enough

4. At times, we find the cheaper version of you..As cheap as RM1.00 per you

5. We love you because you are simple yet delicious..We use our bare hands to express our love to you and we bathe you in a bowl of  curry that makes you look irresistible 

6. We are sorry if we ask the “anne/your god” to chop you into pieces..That’s because we are running late to be somewhere and we just want you to be inside of us

7. Sometimes we flood you in a delicious mixture of curries and you still look beautiful

8. And we love it when you show yourself to us in many different ways..Sexy is not enough to describe you

  • Roti Telur 

  • Roti Tisu

  • Roti Sardin 

  • Roti Susu

  • Roti Cheese

  • Roti Milo 

  • And the list goes on and on

9. The fact that we can have you anytime we want makes us want to have you right now..

10. But its not easy to have you in our lives..Whenever we have you, we have to sacrifice ourselves with the possibilities of having diabetes in the future because we need “teh tarik” to wash you down 

11. Whatever it is..we still love you no matter what happens


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