How many times have we passed by someone whose in need of help but we were too shy/busy to lend a helping hand? Well, now is our chance to prove that in this country, no child who seeks education is left behind.

Earlier today, this Malaysian dude, Adi W. Kawal was at Section 9 Shah Alam to buy some fruits for his mother when he came across a schoolgirl and her father. He then decided to share his story on Facebook.

”I parked my car at Section 9 Shah Alam to buy some fruits for my mother and then suddenly little girl maybe around 9-10 years old knocking on the window asked if I want to wash my car.

I said no at first but she was wearing uniform sekolah n I remembered there’s a man walking with a baldi air and kain lap on his shoulder and quickly I thought probably that must be her father.

So I asked her, berapa? She said ikut abg.. I then asked her siapa basuh kereta? She answered ayah… I told her ok, and quickly I went out from the car. She ran towards her father (the man with the baldi) with her school bag on her back at the end of the junction.

The father then quickly heads towards me carrying his baldi full of water trying to walk fastest as he can. I then walked towards him and give him RM and said please take this money, tak perlu cuci kereta saya ok.

I went back to the car and I felt so sad and realised how lucky we are.

If you would like to help this man his Name is Sukumaran Sanmugam, from Padang Jawa, and his bank account no is BSN 1000 2410 0006 1565. He is trying to buy books for her daughter to study at school.”

Netizens praised the man for his deed and some did more than that, they are donating money to the father’s bank account for the girl to buy the books she need for school.


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