Employees in Malaysia are at risk of being fired if they use a fake degree to gain employment or promotion from a company.

“If an employee is found guilty of faking a degree to gain employment or promotion, the normal punishment is dismissal as such an offence is considered a serious misconduct,” according to the Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.

He also added that many employees tend to use fake degrees to impress his or her employer or potential employer.

“Meanwhile, those who show fake degrees while employed are usually trying to persuade employers that they should be promoted and given a more important role,” Shamsuddin said.

image via Cilisos

Datuk Seri Michael Chong head of the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department said that is common among individuals involved in business who has fake educational credentials.

“I have seen some of these people, especially those in the business industry.

“They claim that they obtained a master’s degree or attained the title of Dr or even Professor, whereas the real one (degree) takes years to qualify for.

“They normally don’t put the title of their degrees on their name cards to avoid detection,” said Chong, who has spent years dealing with fraud complaints from members of the public.

He said these business owners usually use fake degrees to gain credibility and trust for their business purposes. He also added that this is the same reason why some individuals attain fake titles such as a Datukship.


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