On the 6th of January 2019, our beloved Sultan Muhammad V announced that he’s stepping down from his role as the 15th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of our country.

This news shocked the whole of Malaysia and naturally, netizens of all walks of life, bombarded social media and thanked him for his service and wished him the best for his future endeavours.

But not all, one man crossed the line when he decided to mock our former Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and is now facing heavy backlash.

An employee from Cisco System Malaysia by the name Eric Liew, allegedly posted an insulting comment against Sultan Muhammad V on social media was fired from the company after receiving numerous complains from the public.

Cisco Asean posted this on their Facebook page confirming the employee’s termination:

Eric Liew’s comment enraged Malaysian all over, especially the Malays, who want the authorities to take stern action against this man.

After getting brutally attacked online, Eric Liew, then posted an apology on his Facebook profile before deactivating his social media profile.


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