Instead of the basic thosai and roti canai for breakfast, why don’t you mix it up the next time you guys head to an Indian restaurant or the nearby mamak with this lesser known Indian Cuisines.

1. Poori

This puffy goodness is a deep fried bread and often served with potato gravy and dhal.

2. Puttu

Originated from Kerala,India, this steamed rice cake flour is eaten with brown sugar and/or banana.

3. Vadai

This donut-looking dish is spicy and often eaten with dhal or chutney. It’s delicious just on its own too.

4. Idiyappam

This is a popular Malay dish as well, known as “Putumayam”. Chances are you’ve passed by this dish at your local pasar malam and wondered what the heck is that. This noodle-like dish is made off of rice flour and is eaten with the curry of your choice or with grated coconut with brown sugar.

5. Paal Appam

Served with a tiny cup sweet coconut milk, this appam would leave you wanting for more. No one has ever stopped with just one.

6. Bombay Toast

At first glance it looks like the classic french toast but, it has been “Indianised” for the taste buds of us Asians. While the conventional French toast is sweet and savory, Bombay toast is loaded with with spices and vegetables.

7. Idli

These pillows of goodness are made from plain rice flour but in some restaurants, they incorporate curry leaves and carrots in it. Tastes best with Dhal but any curry would do the job.

8. Uttapam

This pizza looking dish is made from the same batter they use to make thosai, but it’s thicker, with vegetables sprinkled on top, unlike the basic thosai.

9. Rava Thosai

We’ve had “thosai telur”, “thosai tisu” and all the other version of the regular thosai, but Indians know what’s up with this Rava Thosai. While the regular Thosai is made from fermented rice flour and Urad Dhal, Rava Thosai gets semolina added into it and minus the fermentation process.


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