A grab driver probably had the worst time of her life on New Year’s day when she picked up a passenger whom she caught performing an immoral act on himself.

The suspect, Mandeep Shahi, booked a ride in her car from the Coliseum Theater in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and to be dropped off at Taman Subang, Setia Alam.

The victim stated in her police report that when she got on the Dato Onn Roundabout, the suspect held his privates and began staring at her.

She felt uneasy but kept on driving while looking to her right, trying to ignore him. When she reached Jalan Parlimen, she could smell something that she described as ‘smelly socks’ and realized the suspect is now aggressively holding on to his privates.

She kept on driving until she could find a safe spot.

As soon as she got under the flyover heading to the Sprint-Damansara Highway, she mustered all her courage to look at the perpetrator to make sure of what he was doing and told him to stop that immoral act and zip up his pants.

When the man refused, she threatened to call the police and began heading to the Sprint-Damansara tollbooth counter to take further action, so he would get off.

“In the beginning, he refused to get out and begged for forgiveness but I strictly told him to get out of my car, for my own safety”.

The toll collector at the scene helped her in getting the man out of the car. The man, finally got out at 6.53am.

This is the police report she made:

Ignore the date on the report(typo). Look at the date at the bottom of the report


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