Recently, a woman in her early 30s jumped to her death in Sunway Pyramid was allegedly stressed out about work, according to her brother.

“I was contacted by my sister’s company that she stopped going to work on the 26th, and even exited the company’s WhatsApp group all of a sudden,” the victim’s brother told to Sin Chew Daily.

“Her friends had texted me on the 27th about her ‘unusual’ situation, and told me to pay more attention to her,” he added.

According to the victim’s brother, his sister worked as a baker for a bakery shop.

On the 28th of December, the woman was shopping with her elder sister.

“My sister brought her out for a drink, and they were going to the toilet together. However, my sister realised that something was wrong after waiting for her (the woman) for too long,” he said. 

She later found her sister’s body on LG2 floor of the shopping mall.

According to New Straits Times, the woman’s sister was the one who was weeping next to her body.

The woman’s sister was seen asking, “Why were you so foolish?”.

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