Guys, still remember Kiren Raj from IMU? He’s in hot water again after Gerakan youth lodged a police report against him for stereotyping Chinese men in the most unflattering way, saying they all have small penises.

Gerakan deputy youth chief Pang Whye Nam, who was accompanied by fellow party members, lodged the report at the Cheras district police headquarters yesterday afternoon

Kiren Raj from IMU  landed himself in hot water over the weekend for his sexist comment on Facebook, allegedly continued to make controversial remarks on the social media platform following backlash. 

Pang Whye Nam said he came across Kiren Raj’s Facebook posts in the comments section of a news article on the death of actress and singer Emily Kong last Saturday.

“It is such an inappropriate thing to say. I hope the authorities would investigate the matter and take stern action against those responsible,” Pang told Malay Mail

According to the screenshots posted on social media, Kiren boasted saying that he slept with many Chinese women because “Chinese guy penis small no stamina…”, said in his racist tirade.

Gerakan’s Pang stressed that the student’s comment potentially provokes racial tensions in the country, according to Harapan News.

There is also an online petition created, asking the International Medical University (IMU) to take action against Kiren for his allegedly lewd and sexist remarks over Kong’s death.

At the time of writing, the petition has reached to 39,000 signature for its 50,000 signature goal.


  1. This monster is sickening. He’s not fit to be a doctor. A doctor’s work is to serve people by taking care of their health. He’ll prey on the opposite sex given the opportunity.


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