When will some people realize that theft is not right? This story shared by a netizen on Facebook highlights a Grab driver’s deviant act of stealing a customer’s iPhone and then being caught in a way that is embarassing for the driver. All with not a single help from Grab.

This is why you should never steal an iPhone. Or steal, period. 

My friend got into a grab and lost his phone in it a couple of nights ago. He contacted Grab who told him he needed to lodge a police report, refusing to release information about the driver.

Fair enough, so he lodges the police report. Lo and behold, after being off for several hours, his phone magically switches on and he gets a location on it. He drives over to check out the location, and what does he find? The grab driver in question’s car parked there at the condo. Coincidence? Think not.

So he calls the police, who go to check it out and question the driver. The driver, in typical 1MDB-Najib fashion, has the balls to deny the allegations with proof staring him in his face. Fine, its a long night, everyone’s tired. So they go home, unable to do more than that.

Then my friend, once at home, gets a call from his friend who was contacted by the driver, citing he was on his way to his home to return the phone (WOW. JUST WOW. My level of disbelief at his lack of shame is beyond comprehension.)

Driver gets there, and magically returns the phone?? (FOR SHAME ON YOU. I hope everyone who knows will be ashamed of their connection to you.) I hope Grab reports him and takes him off their payroll.

Also Grab, thanks for all the help you gave in relocating the lost item. Great customer service shown there. Applaud you. Really. Thanks for absolutely nothing. 

Let this be a lesson. Don’t steal. Let’s all be considerate of one another, let’s all be honest in life. Have a great day, everyone!

Sara Stephens 


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