Even after taking effect at 12am today, the smoking ban in all eateries is still being taken lightly by some smokers out there.

A quick look at the 24-hour restaurants around the city, including Fairpark, a lot of smokers can be seen still smoking within the premise without an ounce of guilt.

Even more disappointing is when some of these smokers are committing offence right in front of the NO SMOKING sign.

Taking up tables at the edge of the restaurant, to make it easier for them to light up their cigarettes, even though it still affects the patrons sat around them.

Smokers are, however, permitted to light up 3 meters away from establishments, but some of them choose not to and are ready to challenge the law.

According to the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations, those caught smoking in prohibited areas will be fined up to RM10,000 or face two years in jail. While eateries found to have permitted customers to light up will be hit with a maximum fine of RM2,500

The public can lodge complaints about offenders directly to the ministry via its hotline 03-8892 4530


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