Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa proposed that amendments should be made to the penal code and hand heavier sentences to those who are caught insulting any religion in Malaysia.

He said that the amendments have been agreed upon by many and will be proposed at the this year’s first Dewan Rakyat assembly next month, after bringing the matter forward at the Cabinet meeting in the very near future.

This amendment is proposed so that a new clause can be introduced, specifically to those who insult any religion and they are to be considered to have commited a serious offense and given a harsher sentence.

This is just further re-enforcing the penal code which is already in place right now.

This new and improved version of the penal code would not only be exclusive to the Muslim faith but all faith in Malaysia as well.

Whether it is forming hate between different types of religion or bringing up something that could anger the public(religion-wise) are also included in the context of religious hatred.


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