Recently a health expert voiced her concern on any move to legalize marijuana, even for medical purposes in Malaysia

According to Helen Lasimbang, the CEO of Universiti Malaysia Sabah Hospital, said that there is a lack of proper mechanisms to deal with the repercussion if marijuana is legalized.

“In our environment, there will be more cons than pros,” she said. “There is always the risk of abuse. Even the codeine cough mixture was known to be abused. That’s why it was taken off the market.”

“We are not ready,” Lasimbang said. “We don’t even have enough treatment or rehabilitation centres with sufficient qualified people to give the treatment.”

The federal cabinet has discussed the pros and cons of legalizing medical marijuana in Malaysia after Thailand’s move to do so.

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association is among the organisations that have called for legalization.

Nadzim Johan, the president of the organization urged the government to accept the use of imported cannabis-based products as medicine.

Veteran consumer activist Patrick Sindu agreed with her, saying Malaysia do not need another drug-related problem.

“We all know about the brutal war on drugs in the Philippines in which many people have been killed just because they were suspected to be connected to the drug trade,” he said.

“In our country, there are many instances of drug addicts repeatedly returning to rehabilitation because they just can’t escape the problem.

“It is difficult to completely eradicate drug abuse. We should not make it worse.”


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