Hey you! Yeah you. Just got a job after graduating? Worried about how to get by with your measly salary? Here are a few tips to help you make better choices in the earlier stages of your career to avoid overspending.

1. Take public transport, carpool or bike to work..Don’t ‘terus beli kereta’ or otherwise we will end up like the guy below

2. Breakfast and dinner try to cook at home..Don’t go to all this cafes because ain’t nobody got time and money for that

3. Speaking about cooking at home, use Tesco or any other online delivery. This will save a lot of time and money (on transport) to buy groceries

4. Don’t simply subscribe to anything. No gym, no Astro, no magazine, no porn. Those things will suck your money dry. The only thing we need is internet 

5. Washing machine, microwave oven, fridge, bike (either motorbike or bicycle), ceiling fan and water heater are our good friends

It’s best to stay with parents when you just started working. Don’t have big ego and straight move out.

6. When hangout with friends, roughly estimate and state your budget…Because when we hangout with friends, we tend to get too happy. And we Malaysians overspend when we are too happy

7. Credit card is a must for everyone, but treat it like a debit card. We only should spend on things that we know can pay at the end of the month..And always remember not to get too happy

The reason why fresh graduate need to have credit card is to slowly build up our credit profile for future bank loans. And it’s best if you apply credit card that has cash rebate, even 1% rebate is still better than nothing.

8. Try to find part-time work during weekends (within our capabilities of course)

9. If got girlfriend, ask her to pay for her own stuff..If she complain, YOU COMPLAIN

And for the ladies, if your boyfriend don’t pay for his own stuff, you can complain too! Works both ways.


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