Every year, Thaipusam Day is celebrated in Malaysia in a large scale by the Hindus living here. Devotees from all over the country gather at a temple of their choice such as Batu Caves or the Penang Waterfall Temple to perform their ritual duties.

But not everyone who comes to these places respect it’s cultural significance and behave poorly during the event.

Here are a few examples.

1. Loud motorcycles

Guys, we know your motorcycles have extremely loud exhaust system and you love showing it off to the whole world, but 99% of humans and animals do not like it as much as you do. So, park your crotch rockets at home and take the public transportation instead.

2. Don’t arrive drunk

Thaipusam is celebrated on holy grounds, only a stupid person would get drunk and turn up to any religious event. So, find a different time to pop a cold one and try to enjoy the festivity sober, like the rest of the people.

3. Wear appropriate clothes

As a place of worship, temples do have a strict dress code that we should adhere to. If you do not know which clothes are appropriate for temples, just Google it. It’s not that hard.

4. Don’t litter

Huge trash cans and dumpsters are provided during the event and as civilized human beings, we ought to use them to ensure cleanliness and safety for all of us.

5. Disturbing/Catcalling Girls

Well, Casanova, there’s a time and place to approach a girl but during Thaipusam is not one of them. Let them pray and be in peace. Nobody came to see your desperate face parading in front of them.

Let this year’s celebration be different from the ones before this.

And also, make sure to take public transportation if you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Happy Thaipusam, everyone.


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