‘Ragut’ cases are still rampant all over Malaysia, posing a great deal of threat to all of us, especially lonely women.

When we say ‘peragut’, we mean snatch thieves, not ‘penyamun’ (robbers and muggers).

We’ve all watched a viral video of a snatch thief at one point of our lives or even experienced it first-hand. Most of the victim only lost their valuables, while others get hurt in the process.

These steps are aimed to discourage the thief from even attempting anything when you’re alone in public.

The main goal of a snatch thief is to grab your stuff and to GTFO as fast as possible.

Backpack Instead of a Handbag

  • Ladies, hear us out first. A backpack makes it so much difficult for someone to snatch it off of a person.
  • You can still fit all your stuff into a cute back pack and look good.
  • Going to the market? Just use your pockets to keep your little purse and phone.

Rings/Bracelet Instead of Necklace

  • A ring or bracelet is always moving with your hands, and this throws off the assailant. Plus, it’s always in your field of vision. So, when you see someone reaching for it, you would know.
  • But if you were wearing a necklace, it just sits there around your neck and it could be accessed from the back of your head, you can never see them coming.
  • Now, you can flaunt your wealth and stay safe in the process.

Your Phone Can Stay in Your Pocket

  • Now, how can I show off my brand-new iPhone X? See, the problem with that is, you’re also attracting the wrong type of people.
  • No one grips their phone tightly during use, which makes it way easier to grab it and take off.
  • Plus, walking while using your phone is dangerous anyways.

No more wallets on the table

  • This is mainly for the guys, I know it’s uncomfortable to be sitting on your wallet. The side pockets are also an option instead of the table where it’s surprisingly easy to steal, especially at a ‘mamak’.
  • By the time you pull up your chair and chase after the perpetrator, his friend on the bike is already in 2nd gear.

It’s different when you’re travelling in a group, because snatch thieves rarely attack if you’re with friends or family. Then all of the above, doesn’t apply to you, but you should still stay vigilante though.

If your daily routine involves travelling alone, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Share this to your loved ones and keep them safe.


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