Tired of not getting matches on Tinder? Can’t get your match to come out on a date with you? Check out these tips to increase your chances in scoring a date in no time.

1. Looks

Like it or not, Tinder is based on looks above everything else. So slap on those “beauty filters” and learn about angles.

Pro tip: It’s all about the angles

2. Uploading more than 1 picture

Only one picture on your Tinder profile makes you look unenthusiastic and boring. You might look like a catfish (someone who pretends to be someone else, especially on the internet from Instagram to twitter to chat sites, these people use fake pictures to disguise who they are) or worst, a scammer selling sexual enhancement pills on tinder.

Pro tip:

a) Always upload a picture of yourself in a different country.

b) Remember that time when you took a picture next to a celebrity or an expensive car? Yea use those pictures. Mahathir pictures are a trend now. Most girls on Tinder are Mahathir fans, so if you have a picture with the main man, that would boost your credibility. 

c) Pictures with a bunch of friends- Show them you’re a social butterfly or else you would be labelled as a loner 

d) Photos of you with a pet – Who doesn’t love a cute pet?? Ladies love cute fluffy animals

3. Great description

Now it’s time to tell the world about yourself. List down your interests, likes and dislikes, or how you’re a Scorpio and you DGAF about anything. If you’re funny, try being a little cheeky with your description.

If you’re 8/10 (looks wise), then you’re allowed to be have funny sexual descriptions. If you’re not hot, you will be labelled as a creep on Tinder. Just stick to decent but interesting descriptions. Ladies love effort!

Reminder: These chats are only achievable if you’re 8/10

4. Hey is for horses

Don’t just send “Hey” and expect them to reply. Be creative. Try complimenting them or their pictures.

Reminder: If you’re not 8/10 (looks wise), DO NOT START YOUR CONVO WITH “I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU” STRAIGHT. I’m sorry dude but we average looking men have to work a lot harder in order to score.

5. Try getting her number quick

Texting too long can get stale because there are no emotions involved. You would not be able to read the other person’s mind by just texting.

Always get their number and give them a call. Talk to them. By doing so, you can quickly find out if they’re really interested in you.


6. Don’t need to tell them about your problems in life, yet

7. Ask them out quick before someone else does

There is a rule of thumb on Tinder, always bring your match out on a date to seal the deal. There are a lot more people on Tinder, that are probably going to swipe right to your match’s profile. Don’t drag your feet and ask them out fast. Get the matching done on the weekdays and take them out on the weekends.

If all the above fails, here are three bonus tips that you can use that can guarantee you a match:- 

i) Lie
ii) Keep lying
iii) Lie some more

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