Parents sometimes get tired of explaining stuff to their kids, so they fall back to a few infamous lies. You might be familiar with some of these lies.

Almost every one of these lies are innocent but some are just plain wrong. Care to guess which ones negatively impact the impressionable mind of a child?

1. We will go this weekend.

This usually comes out when we suggest a holiday destination for a family outing such as the beach or the local water park. Sunway Lagoon, anyone?

2. If you don’t study, you WILL become a garbage

3. This vegetable will make you tall and strong.

Papa tipu. Popeye pun tipu.

4. Swallowing chewing gum will make you

Yeah, like it’s gonna act as a manhole cover for your anus.

5. *insert race* will catch you if you’re naughty

6. I’ll buy it for you tomorrow.

This gem is used when we ask for a particular toy. Either it’s too expensive or they just know you’re gonna wreck it by nightfall.

7. I’ll send you to Henry Gurney School

This school is for juvenile criminals, not for staying out for an extra hour at the mamak.

8. Don’t sit too close to the TV, you’ll go blind

Now they’re intensely watching K-Dramas on their iPads, 6 inches from their face.



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