Imagine getting your identity stolen by another irresponsible human being and you’re powerless to do anything about it?

That’s what this one Malaysian lady is going through right now, as we speak. It’s a living nightmare that she can not wake up from.

In her Facebook post she wrote that this person who stole her identify started using her IC to rent a unit from Air BnB, applied for Unifi, rented a car from Mudah and now she owes TNB money because the person has been using her identity instead.

This is what she wrote in her Facebook post:

This lady… duplicate my ic and use to rent air bnb, applied unifi, rent car from muda, got a line from celcom and now tnb also informed me that I owed them money.. zzz.

I had made police report twice, reported to jpn as well but no actions seems to be taken from the authorities. Identity theft. She is using my name, my ic number and almost same address with wrong postcode.

I had been to celcom, unifi, police station and jpn to make reports again. Yet… still the same……… What else can I do?

We have to be extra careful when it comes to privacy these days as we are living in a digital world today. Do not give or post pictures of your personal data especially your IC as things can go horribly wrong.


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