A few days ago, Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ) surprised the people of who were shopping at Aeon Tebrau (April 11) by offering to pay their groceries each RM3,000. Everyone in Malaysia was taken by surprised by this move as TMJ spent a total of RM1 Million on people’s groceries on that day. 

The news went viral and everyone was praising TMJ for his actions. Some netizens are not pleased as they said that the money he spent could be used for the people who are really in need for help.

On the very next day, another news on social media took by a storm saying that TMJ once again is going to pay for people’s groceries and this time it is going to be in Econsave Pontian Hypermarket and the AEON Big Kluang supermarket.

About 1,000 shoppers came to the two supermarkets and were left disappointed only to know once they are there that the news they read was fake.

According to The Star, the Econsave Pontian hypermarket was jammed packed in the morning because they were fooled by a Facebook post that they read saying that TMJ is going to pay for their groceries again.

Many of these shoppers started pilling goods into their trolleys. They also ”reserved” their place by placing their trolleys in front of the cashier while waiting for the arrival of TMJ.

After a few hours, they realized that TMJ is not coming and the shoppers abandoned their trolleys at various places in the hypermarket itself.

According to the fake news that was circulating on social media, it says that each person would be entitled to receive RM200 from TMJ to spend.

Many netizens found this incident to be amusing and called out these fellow Malaysians as greedy and gullible. Some also pitied the staff of Econsave as they have to clean up the mess that these Malaysians have left at the store.
Econsave Pontian branch manager Fazinda Halina Kamal Fazuli said that they would be lodging a police report as soon as they sort out the mess.
“We have yet to determine our losses but we found that some of our trolleys are badly damaged,” said Fazinda Halina Kamal Fazuli
Things was even more chaotic at the AEON Tebrau supermarket as TMJ offered to foot the grocery bills for every shopper who was there until 3pm. Many items very destroyed and left in various places after knowing that TMJ stopped the bill after RM1 Million spent.
“Several items are out of stock and we had to call in some of our staff from other outlets to help clean up,” a spokesman said.
AEON Tebrau had to beef up security as the scene was very chaotic and it only came down after they brought down its shutters at 8pm.
Many necessity items such as rice, cooking oil, vegetables, fruits, flour, tea and other basic household items are among the items taking by the people.
This is not a new things by TMJ as according to Batu Pahat district officer Mohd Haffiz Ahmad said that it is a known fact for TMJ to do these kind of donations.
Every two to three weeks, he would contribute RM3,000 each to the three poorest families in different districts regardless of race or religion


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