malaysian tv shows

Kids born in the late 80’s and early 90’s have had the pleasure of watching some of the most memorable Malaysian tv shows which are now long forgotten. So, let us help you jog down memory lane and take you to nostalgia-land.


Keluang Man

malaysian tv shows

Basically he’s our very own batman from Tampoi, Johor. Keluang is actually fruit bat in Bahasa Malaysia, and not the town in Johor, Kluang.

Anak-anak Sidek

malaysian tv shows

The animated-comedy revolved around the infamous Sidek family, Malaysian badminton legends, during their struggle growing up. The talking court though..LOL

Who wants the be a millionaire

“Adakah keputusan anda muktamad?” There’s even a billboard with him promoting rice with same the phrase.

Roda Impian

Wang besar! Wang besar! Also, we all remember shouting answers at the TV.


Senaaaaarrrriiiiooooo! Admit it, we’ve all sang along to the theme song, and it was awesome.

Pi mai pi mai tang tu

This sitcom is based around the daily lives of the Seri Wangi Flat residents mostly taking place at the Pak Uda’s tea shop. Plus, how did we ever forget the gorgeous Lucy, gaaiiss?

Jangan Ketawa

Jangan Ketawa was a sketch comedy which aired in the early 90s. It was directed by Harith Iskandar, so you know the comedy was on point.

Spanar Jaya


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