A Pakistani man was arrested last night for attempted sexual assault on a woman he picked up disguised as a Grab driver in Johor Bharu.

District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Shahurinain Jais said the foreigner, 31, was arrested around 11pm after receiving report on what happened.

According to Shahurinain Jais, prior to the incident, the victim, 23, booked a Grab ride from Johor Bharu to Larkin.

The victim accidentally got into the suspect’s car which coincidentally passed by the passenger pick-up area and did not even check whether it was the car she was assigned to.

“The victim began to feel suspicious when the suspect was driving aimlessly around the city center before being confronted by her, the suspect then stopped his vehicle in a deserted area”, said Shahurinain Jais in a statement.

The suspect then got in the rear passenger seat and tried to sexually assault the victim.

The victim started thrashing and managed to escape before coming forward to lodge a complaint of the situation.

Police officers successfully traced and apprehended the suspect around the South Johor Bharu district last night.


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