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Online dating apps are a great way to meet and get to know new people. So great that we’ve heard stories of people getting hitched after meeting the love of their lives through one of these online dating apps.

But it’s entirely different for one, Claudia Skyler Foong, when she got harassed after rejecting a man whom she did not share any interest with.

Here’s the story shared by Claudia, about her horrible online dating experience :-

Hi everyone! Are you ready for some Friday night shit hitting the fan? So first let me get the super embarrassing part out of the way and make a confession… I, on occasion, only when very very bored, sometimes swipe Tinder.

So this week, this person was talking to me. First he asked for my Instagram, but I only use it for my dog account, so I gave him that account.

He then asked what my Facebook was, and I said I don’t even know you yet.

Anyway then I didn’t give him my Facebook that night but over the next day or so he kept mentioning it on Instagram so I was like whatever and added.

Also I asked him to WhatsApp me because I don’t like typing on my phone and I can use WhatsApp on the computer. No screenshots because it’s Tinder and I unmatched.

On like the second day of WhatsApp (Yesterday), he was saying “I send you memes” or whatever and I said no pls, because personally I don’t think memes should be something someone goes “ok cool u like memes I send u”.

To me it’s more like “oh hey I saw this meme and thought you would find it funny”.

Then he sent me a vulgar meme, which I ignored. Later in the day he sent another vulgar meme, and I responded.

By this time I was already not particularly interested because (1) I value people who make effort in forming interpersonal relationships, not mass forwarding random stuff “because u said u liked memes”.

(2) He didn’t really respect that I wanted to talk more before adding him on Facebook, and showed other hints of being a pushy person (on Instagram he also said at one point “ok sorry btw I can be domineering”).

(3) the person’s sense of humor/interests did not really seem to align with mine.

(4) I am very reserved and I like to be around people with a calmer and more intellectual demeanor than I could ascertain in this person.

3) the person’s sense of humor/interests did not really seem to align with mine, (4) I am very reserved and I like to be around people with a calmer and more intellectual demeanor than I could ascertain in this person.

So I basically kind of started brushing off continuing this narrative.

Then today, I posted an Instagram story that was about how people were cutting in line while driving, and he felt the need to send me a story correcting line to lane.

Mansplainer much? Grammatically I wouldn’t even use “lane” in that sentence structure. You’ll see in the screenshot. Anyway, then he WhatsApped me saying he still wanted to see my dog.

My dog is a sweet little floofy thing and only about the size of an American football, and my family and I are very gentle with her, and I had reason to doubt she would be comfortable around this person, so I said I didn’t think she would enjoy being around this kind of energy.

This person then continued to push the conversation, insisting that I tell him why I didn’t think we could get along, then started telling me that I should relax more. Not wanting to continue this conversation, I blocked him on all channels.

Then he started texting me, and being incredibly rude, swearing at me, calling me extremely nasty things, insulting my intelligence and personality, getting angry at me for answering his question repeatedly asking why I didn’t like him, and mentioning my private parts several times.

Isn’t it interesting how people who “don’t care about you at all” (paraphrased for vulgarity) are very interested in talking about your private parts? VERY INTERESTING.

He sent me texts that were so long they had to be manually opened.

So a big part of me wanted to just forget about it, but after the REPEATED insults he kept hurling at me, I was like, why should I?

Not long ago I randomly came across this piece of news and I thought hey, that’s really cool.

She could have just forgotten about it because what’s the big deal about pulling a bra strap right, it’s just like pulling a shoelace.

But she didn’t let it go, and this sort of rude, misogynistic, aggressive behavior can be acknowledged for what it is.

Also because I am a lawyer’s daughter, I did very rudimentary research on whether posting text conversations were illegal 😅.

Screenshots of their conversation :-
(click on the image to enlarge and tap on it for the next one)

Claudia Skyler Foong


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