An Indonesian man was set on fire when his wife got frustrated because he wouldn’t reveal his phone’s password in Jerowaru, Lombok on Saturday.

According to the report, Dedi Purnama, 26, was on the roof of his house when his wife Ilham Cahyani, 25, asked for his password.

Dedi refused to give her the password and scolded her for even asking.

He then proceeded to hit Ilham when she kept insisting on checking his phone, suspecting that he could be cheating on her.

Enraged by the incident, Ilham got hold of a bottle filled with petrol and doused Dedi with it and set him on fire.

He ran out of the house engulfed in flame while screaming before some of the neighbors came to the rescue and put out the fire.

Jerowaru Police Spokesperson Abdurasyid, then confirmed the whole incident.

“The victim is being treated at the health center for severe burns in some parts of his body, his wife is under arrest for further investigation.”


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