Social media is an important tool in this day and age to spread awareness among us, which has already done wonders for the community so far

Then there are stories like this, where a man mistaken wagyu beef for pork in a Malaysian Airlines in-flight magazine and claimed that the image was offensive, misleading himself and the public.

This man, claimed that he had been flying all over the world in Malaysian Airlines and this is the first time he saw an image of a pork dish being promoted in its Going Places in-flight magazine.

So, he took it social media to gain support for his claim but the image he posted turned out to be wagyu beef and not pork.

The situation got worst when netizens got wind of the ‘news’ and were quick to react before MAS had a chance to explain.

Weirdly enough, instead of correcting the man’s mistake, MAS decided to issue an apology for the incident after explaining what’s featured in that viral image.

The airlines represent this country, which is a Muslim-majority, and wouldn’t in a million years serve pork in its flights to avoid any mishap during serving.

Some people started trolling in some of MAS’s Facebook post. Here are some netizen’s comments:-


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