Recently, a video a year one student has gone viral after admitting to her “criminal breach of trust”, when she spent the money given to her by her mother to buy a coloring book was used to purchase a second plate of chicken chop.

Clearly, the love of chicken has clouded the judgment of this little one.

The video was recorded by her mom, Suzana Dayanna Ali, playfully interrogated the girl asking her what happened to the RM15.

Her daughter, Nur Amira Amani Mohd Ridwan admitted that she spent the money on two plates of chicken chop and saying that the chicken chop was ”too delicious”.

“The day before she asked for money to buy a colouring book, but there was no colouring book to be found the next day,” said the girl’s father Mohd Ridwan Alias to mStar Online.

“That’s why my wife questioned her while recording a video, then she sent it to me,” said Mohd Ridwan

The father also told the news site that he did not expect the video to go viral.

He also said that the video was not to humiliate his daughter.

“I share the video to capture my memories. If my phone is missing, the video is still kept on Facebook and I like looking back at her videos when I feel stressed,” he said to mStar Online.


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