You would be surprised what people would do to retain power. From nuclear bomb threats to suicide bombing and kidnappings, these orders are carried out from a select group of people who are under the influence of some unstable leaders. Here are the 4 most feared humans on earth right now.

1. Vladimir Putin

Putin is the most powerful man on earth with no one to answer to, unlike the President of the United States.

His attack on Syria and continuous support to North Korea shows that this man does not give a hoot about human rights.

With an arsenal of nuclear weapon under his belt, and a majority of Russians standing behind him, he’s practically unstoppable.

2. Kim Jong Un

The third supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is a young dictator hell-bent on proving to the world that he’s not someone not to be messed with.

Even with the United Nations condemning them for their nuclear development and also testing, this doesn’t faze Kim Jong Un whatsoever.

North Korea now owns a long range nuclear missile that could theoretically reach the United States with a young man with his hands on its ‘trigger’.

3. Bashar Al-Assad

He’s been the President of Syria since July 2000 and have been tangled in multiple allegations of war crime.

His worst crime was the use chemical weapons against his own people. One of the attack was carried out on a hospital in Damascus, Bashar’s hometown.

Breaking a long standing agreement of not using poisonous gas during war.

4. Zahid Hamidi’s Granddaughter

Lately a video has surfaced portraying a 9 year old girl, believed to be Zahid Hamidi’s granddaughter, threatening to make lives of some people “unpeaceful”. We can’t exactly pinpoint whom this threat was aimed at, but deep down, we all know.

May God help us all.


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