Sporting a gang related tattoo is against the law and individuals having these tattoos can be arrested according to Bukit Aman Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Rohaimi Md Isa.

72 gangs have been deemed illegal by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2013 under the Societies Act of 1966 because of its detrimental tendencies to the public.

Among the 72 blacklisted gangs, the only active ones these days are :-
i) Sio Sam Ong
ii) Ngo Sek Kee
iii) 360
iv) Double 7
v) 3 Line
vi) 36

“At the moment, the usage of illegal tattoos that symbolizes a gang have decreased but the gang members can still be identified through specific stickers and banners.

“Besides that, the types of gangs are easily identified during a funeral or gathering.”

According to Datuk Rohaimi Md Isa, if an individual is caught having a tattoo symbolizing a specific gang, they can be charged under the 1966 Societies Act. If convicted, the individual can face up to three years in jail and a fine of not more than RM 5,000.


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