CCTV footage of a man slapping a cashier went viral earlier this week, all because he wasn’t allowed to buy 3 packets of cooking oil at a time from that premise.

The police finally arrested the 47-year-old man, on 10 January in Jalan Nuri, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas at 2PM.

All this started when the victim, Norasyra Aziz, 25, told the man that he could not purchase 3 packets of oil as the shop was running low on stock and they had to ration it to 2 packets per customer.

The man then began cursing at her for doing her job and naturally, she responded by telling him to mind his words.

He then went on a rant and kept hurling insults at her before slapping Norasyra on the back of her head.

Not feeling satisfied by his actions, the man proceeded to pull down two racks which caused the goods in the rack to scatter all over the floor.

Unhappy with what they saw in the video and heard from Norasyra herself, Malaysians were calling for this man’s immediate arrest as he could be a real threat to society as he possesses very little anger management skills.

“As of now, the suspect has admitted to hitting the victim because of failure to control his anger,” said Barat Daya District Police Chief Superintendent AA Anbalagan.


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