A few days ago, a viral post made rounds on social media about a 30-year-old Petai tree in Kampung Petani, Kelantan that was found to produce rain-like water and dripped down to earth at night.

image via Era

Amazed by this natural phenomenon, some people decided to collect the “miracle potion” in bottles and buckets and brought it back home.

Some were bathing in it, while some went one level above and drank that water and claimed it be slightly salty. All this, hoping it could bring some health benefits to them.

After some time, the truth finally surfaced. They were actually drinking the urine of bugs living on that tree. A certain type of bug called Cicada or “riang-riang” in Malay, according to a University Malaysia Sabah Zoologist, Prof Dr Abdul Hamid Ahmad.

When their temperature rises above about 39 °C, they suck excess sap from the food plants and extrude the excess water through pores in the tergum at a modest cost in energy.

Such a rapid loss of water can be sustained only by feeding on water-rich xylem sap. At lower temperatures, feeding cicadas would normally need to excrete the excess water.

Basically, bug piss. LOL!

Thankfully, it’s not something poisonous and did not cause any harm to anyone who used(abused) it.


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