I’ve read so many stories of perverts secretly taking underskirt pictures of the female population in Malaysia and never thought that one day I’d be posting this. 

I was at the launderette (2 min drive from my house) this morning and this guy came and sat next to me. The launderette was quite full as well. I didn’t suspect anything as he was talking to one of the guys who was putting his laundry in as well or maybe waiting for his to be done too.

Something didn’t feel right when his head was locked facing the right side where I was. I looked to my right and saw nothing. Bloody hell. Maybe he has a severe neck sprain or absent seizure eh? BUT NOPE.

I noticed that his phone on his lap and it was facing me. He was trying to be subtle about it but the camera was definitely directed towards me. At that moment I was in a bloody shock. I was shaking and breathing heavily. I was alone and so many things were racing through my mind. I didn’t know if I was able to confront him without getting hurt or shouted at. But I gathered myself together and decided to confront him.

I asked him “Buat apa tu? (What are you doing?)”. And he quickly shifted the phone from my sight and said “eh tak de apa la (eh nothing la)”.

I kept asking him to let me see what was he doing and he kept brushing me aside and nervously put on YouTube and showed me that he was watching a video.


Terribly lying skills. I kept pushing and asking for him to see what pictures did he take and told him to delete them immediately (not sure if it’s the right move but I surely wouldn’t want my pictures circulating in the clan of perverts or whatever shits he wants to do with it).

He wasn’t discreet enough and I saw him deleting the pictures that he took and at the same time, denying that he was taking pictures of me. I WAS FUMING AT THAT POINT.

So that’s fine. I took a picture of him. Oh he sure looked startled and told him that I’m off to the police to make a report.

He scurried off as I was saying that to him. He looked afraid but I couldn’t be bothered. It’s not like I was wearing skimpy clothes either. I should know better shouldn’t I? Nothing low cut. Nothing short short. Loose n baggy and still harassed.

I think my laundrette experience would have turned out differently had I sent a male to do it for me.

I’m glad I was unharmed in any physical manner but I sure do feel violated.

If I had walked out of that place without confronting him, I would have done myself no justice.

Hey pervert, do you have a family? A wife to go home to? If so, do you think that your actions today would make them proud of you? What if someone does that to your daughter? And IMAGINE NOW if your kids have facebook and sees this post. Good on you eh?

Just thought I’d share the face of the sexual predator that lurks amongst us. This happened at the laundrybar in SS19.

Post via Jennifer Tan


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