Over 20 cars left stranded on the road after filling up petrol at a Petronas station in Serdang today morning.

It is believed that the petrol they’ve filled in their tanks were accidentally mixed with water in that station.

Regional Enforcement Director, Datuk Mohd. Roslan Mahayuddin of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs(KPDNHEP), has ordered enforcement officers to head on to the premise after news broke out on social media.

Four enforcement officers from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Kajang division were sent to the petrol station and was then informed by the station’s owner about a problem with one of the tanks filled with water.

I was also informed that maintenance work are being done at the moment and the station should be operable as usual around 7pm. For now, all the pumps have been shut down to avoid even more damage to the consumers “, said Datuk Mohd. Roslan Mahayuddin.

He also added that the petrol station’s owner should be responsible for what have happened and compensate for the damages.

KPDNHEP have collected samples of the petrol and will treat this incident according to existing laws and if there’s any offense, we will take action.

Petronas has released a statement


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